Automotive construction: thermoplastic hot-melt adhesives for technical use

In the automotive industry today, interior trim and automotive textiles are usually glued. The use of thermoplastic hot-melts and thermoplastic adhesives in automotive engineering brings clear benefits: Bonding is quicker, saves on riveting, welding or screwing, is more straightforward, is kinder on metal and lowers the weight of the vehicle.

Schaetti Fix SF 386 is ideal for bonding textiles and fabrics onto plastics, metals and other materials for interior trim, with no adverse effect on the substrates. Thermoplastic hot-melt adhesive powder enables a straightforward, cost-effective and safe workability in a wide range of temperatures.

Schaetti Fix distinguishes itself through its high resistance to humidity, water and dry cleaning. The thermoplastic hotmeld adhesive is solvent-free, low in emissions, environmentally-friendly and conforms to OekoTex standards.

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