Progress in the laboratory

Schaetti is more than a manufacturer of speciality chemicals. We are continuously researching and developing new products in our modern laboratories for the most diverse applications. We have access to a superior analysis and application expertise due to more than 55 years of intensive development activity.

Our customers profit from the array of analytical methods and possibilities for application:


  • Chemical and physical analysis methods (including DSC, TMA, FTIR, Karl Fischer, bulk density, powder rheology)
  • Hardness and viscosity analyses
  • Particle size analyses (Laser or sieve analysis), microscopic analyses, colour analyses
  • Textile coating trials, tests of adhesive strength and resistance (e.g. after washing and dry cleaning), testing resistance to steam

Technical center:

  • Textile application trials for melting adhesives with various application technologies (e.g. scattering or hot-melt), including laminating facilities, powderdot
  • Metal Coating
  • Cryogenic/ambient grinding and compounding of small quantities