Apparel: bonding in place of sewing

Thermoplastic hot-melt adhesive powders are an ideal substitute for needle and thread in the apparel industry. Schaetti Fix SF 1820 / SF 5130 / SF 376 are suited for the protective adhesion of interlinings, seam and zip seals, and hem adhesion in ladies’ and men’s outerwear.

Schaetti Fix allow various fabrics and material compounds to be bonded in a wide range of temperatures with no adverse effect and to be glued together safely and cleanly. Thermoplastic hot-melts and adhesive powders possess the characteristic of melting when heated and thus bonding. Once textiles have had adhesives applied, they are characterized by having a high resistance to washing and dry cleaning.

The heat reactive, crosslinkable, one-component adhesive powder of the Schaetti SXL series is ideally suited for bonding sensitive substrates such as leather, textiles and foams as they can be processed at low temperature. It is characterized by high adhesive strength and heat resistance thanks to its quick curing. Compared to two-component adhesives, this adhesive series significantly simplifies the processing stage and increase productivity.

Schaetti Fix products are optimised to the required specifications. They are solvent-free, are low in emissions, environmentally-friendly and conform to OekoTex standards.

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