Furniture and carpets: hot-melts and thermoplastic adhesives for high wear resistance

These days, fabric coverings for large areas, fabric-covered room dividers for sound insulation in offices or hard-wearing carpets are often bonded. The use of hot-melts and thermoplastic adhesives in interior design has clear benefits: gluing is quicker, is kinder on the material, increases rigidity and also provides for an aesthetically significantly more pleasing finish.

Schaetti Fix 3230, a low melting thermoplastic adhesive powder, is excellent for bonding vinyl or urethane foam-based textiles. For more environmentally-friendly applications, we have Schaetti Fix 3031F with halogen-free flame retardance.

Schaetti Fix 1820/0-80 a modified HDPE, is beneficially used for trade fair carpets, where high-wear resistance is paramount. In specially engineered facilities, the hot-melt powder is applied deep into the fabric matrix so that the fibres bond and the carpet achieves the desired rigidity and performance.

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