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Thermoplastic hot-melts, thermoplastic adhesives, metal coatings and additives

For six decades, Schaetti has been concentrating on the development, polymerization, compounding and micronization of customized thermoplastic hotmelts, thermoplastic adhesives, metal coatings and additives. Our customers include companies in the apparel, automotive, civil engineering, furniture manufacturing, carpet manufacturing, floor coverings and metal processing industries. Our five branches and network of more than 20 representatives abroad enable us to serve customers on every continent.

Thermoplastic Adhesives

Adhesive Selector




Construction sector

Furniture, carpets

Transfer printing

Hot melts

Additives and Fine Powders

Thermoplastic Powder Coatings

Battery trays, metal containers, galvanized racks

Fire extinguishers

Small mechanical parts

Outdoor applications

Wire goods

Industrial and composite parts

Coating processes