Maximum anti-corrosion protection for surfaces exposed to chemicals

Acids, lyes and chemicals are the nemesis of any metal. Schaetti has developed two extremely effective coating powders for the optimal protection of metal parts and components exposed to chemicals.

Polyethylene-based Schaetti Coat 1110 is the ideal solution for battery trays, industrial components and metal containers. The coating powder allows for layer thicknesses of up to 1000 µm and ensures maximum anti-corrosion protection, very good electrical insulation, impact resistance and chemical resistance. Due to its outstanding adhesive properties, the use of a primer is not necessary. The coating powder is available in several colors. 

Supported coating processes: Whirl sintering.

Polyethylene-based Schaetti Coat 1210 is especially suited to coating battery racks, galvanized racks and components exposed to chemicals with layer thicknesses of 400 to 600 µm. The highly modified PE formulation has very good chemical resistance, UV resistance and offers maximum anti-corrosion protection. 

Supported coating processes: Fluidized bed sintering method

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