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The requirements for a coating can vary greatly. In addition to anti-corrosion protection, surfaces often also have to meet demands such as chemical resistance, electrical insulation, abrasion resistance and slippage while also fulfilling visual requirements. 

Different processes are used depending on the size and shape of the parts. Schaetti has a suitable coating solution for every process and virtually every application.

Whirl sintering
Whirl sintering is predominantly used for thick plastic coatings. The thermoplastic powder is applied to the workpiece in an immersion bath, where it melts to form a uniform plastic layer. The item to be coated is heated here without changing the shape or material of the workpiece. During whirl sintering, the layer starts to form within seconds. The parts can be coated to variable thicknesses from 250 to 1000 µm in a single operation. No solvents are released during the process.

Whirl sintering is suitable for coating valves, fittings, wire goods, garden furniture, household appliances, industrial parts, parts used in vehicle construction, medical devices, technical parts, battery trays, industrial metal containers and small parts. The Schaetti range includes powders based on polyethylene, polyester and polyamide for use in the whirl sintering process. 

Electrostatic spray coating
Electrostatic spray coating is suitable for the efficient coating of small series of larger-scale items and is an economical and technically simple way of applying a high-quality protective coating. The powder is applied to the surface with a spray gun. The coated workpieces then pass through a kiln, where the powder melts on the surface to form a smooth film. Electrostatic spray coating is suitable for metal objects such as profile parts, garden furniture, handrails, office furniture, industrial parts, coverings, building elements and wire goods. The Schaetti range includes powders based on polyester and polyamide for electrostatic spray coating.

Minicoating is used specially for coating small metal parts. In a similar way to whirl sintering, the heated parts are immersed in a powder bath where the powder is liquefied by air or ultrasound. As the item is lowered into the powder bath, the powder bonds with the heated metal surface. The items are then slowly conveyed out of the container. Minicoating enables parts of all shapes to be coated without any contact or touch points. Typical application examples include small parts for electrical components, small parts used in automobile construction, underwear and swimwear.

The Schaetti range includes solutions for minicoating applications based on polyester  and polyamide


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