Internal anti-corrosion protection for fire extinguishers

The extinguishing agents used in fire extinguishers often contain water, phosphate and ammonium sulfate – a mixture that no metallic inner wall can survive unscathed over the long term. Schaetti has developed a powder especially for the internal coating of fire extinguishers, which offers first-class protection when chemically aggressive extinguishing agents are used. 

Schaetti Coat 1500 is a thermoplastic coating powder based on polyolefins that is suitable for all common internal coating processes. The powder allows for layer thicknesses of 400 to 600 µm and ensures a homogeneous, smooth-flowing protective film thanks to its good flow characteristics – even on parts with relatively thin walls. Schaetti Coat 1500 meets the requirements of the European DIN EN 3 standard.

Supported coating processes: Whirl sintering, spray coating, rotolining.

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