Lasting protection for industrial and composite parts

Mechanical parts used in industry are often exposed to significant temperature fluctuations, weather conditions, chemicals and mechanical influences. Without surface treatment, these parts would be threatened by rapid corrosion and degradation under such conditions.

Schaetti has developed polyester-based and polyamide-based coating powders for heavily used parts that also ensure long-lasting surface protection under the harshest conditions.

Polyamide-based Schaetti coating powders (Series 5) are ideally suited to heavily used surfaces thanks to their abrasion and glide qualities, high strength, stiffness, durability and mechanical flexibility. The surface coatings have good resistance against chemicals and wear, and are virtually insusceptible to stress cracks.

Supported coating processes: Whirl sintering, electrostatic spray coating, minicoating.

Polyamide-based Schaetti coating powders (Series 3) have are a cheaper alternative to polyamide applications. They are characterized by good mechanical properties such as abrasion quality and excellent adhesion, plus outstanding resistance against weathering, corrosion and UV radiation. Thanks to their properties, they are suitable for various indoor and outdoor applications.

Supported coating processes: Whirl sintering, electrostatic spray coating, minicoating.

Typical applications:

  • Industrial parts
  • Composite parts
  • Parts used in vehicle construction
  • Glass coatings
  • Small parts under mechanical stress

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