Long-lasting protection for small parts

Small metal parts such as those used in apparel, electrics and fastening technology are predominantly coated using the minicoating or whirl sintering processes. These processes require special, finely ground thermoplastic powders that also allow for very thin layer thicknesses.

Schaetti Coat 3820 MC is a polyester-based powder for coating small parts with a uniform layer thickness and without contact points. The powder allows for layer thicknesses of 150 to 250 µm, can be processed easily and ensures a homogeneous protective film thanks to its good flow characteristics. The powder offers high scratch and impact resistance, very good anti-corrosion protection, chemical resistance and high resistance against weathering and UV radiation. 

Schaetti Coat 3825 DC is a polyester-based powder that allows for layer thicknesses of 250 to 500 µm and is suitable for coating heavily used small parts. The coating powder offers very good anti-corrosion protection, UV resistance, high scratch and impact resistance and chemical resistance. It is also suitable for applications involving foodstuffs. 

Schaetti Coat 5820 MC is a polyamide-based coating powder with very good flow characteristics – including on parts with thin walls. The homogeneous protective film ensures outstanding resistance against corrosion and offers very good chemical and mechanical properties, such as high strength, stiffness, durability and flexibility. 

Schaetti Coat 5825 DC is a polyamide-based powder that is suitable for coating heavily used surfaces. The coating powder is characterized by good resistance against corrosion and chemicals, and offers very good mechanical properties such as high strength, stiffness and durability. Coated surfaces are virtually insusceptible to wear and abrasion. 

Supported coating processes: Minicoating (3820 MC / 5820 MC), whirl sintering (3825 DC / 5825 DC).

Typical applications

  • Car parts
  • Electrical components
  • Swimwear, underwear (brassieres, corsets)
  • Screws

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